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Jay Z and Live Nation Extend Touring Deal 10 More Years for 200 Million

In 2008 Jay and Live Nation, a entertainment company that specializes in concerts and show promotions signed a 10-year deal worth a 150 million. With that coming to an end it seems as if they are renewing their contract for additional 10 years this time worth 200 million. The previous deal launched Roc Nation, Jay Z's entertainment management company, covered 3 albums and most of the assets and publishing. The new deal will focus mostly on touring, with Live Nation continuing to back Roc Nations artists including Jay himself. Once again the rapper turned music mogul continues to define himself as the ultimate business man in the music industry. Jay Z has a management company for entertainers and a mega event planning company backing his tours and promotions. He continues to allow himself to be innovative keeping one step ahead of the game.

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