My First Volleyball Tournament

I had my first ever volleyball tournament on last Saturday morning. We played at 1:30 2:30,3:30 and 4:30. It was alot of fun. After our third game, we ate snacks in the back of one of my team mates truck and no one threw up. We won 2 games and lost 2 but we all still tried our best. I felt super nervous but really confident at the same time. There where about 10 teams in the whole gym and it was pretty intimidating. Our team is the Texas Outlaws, and I am number 30, I am also a server. My strong suit is right back. My favorite parts of volleyball are hitting and serving. My coaches say I'm a good passer because I have a hard platform. My coach said when ever we needed a score he would put me up to serve. I missed about 2 times but I just kept going. I had tons of fun at my first tournament and I love Volleyball!

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