All About Homeschooling

I will make Mondays & Thursdays between 5AM and 5PM my official posting dates.

Homeschooling is not like regular school, You are working at home, in the car, in the bed, and evens in the doctors office. I can tell you that because I am always learning and always working . Homeschooling is NOT like regular school at all. Unless you have friends of yours that are homeschooled too. Lets talk about types of school, there is online school, book studies, and co-ops. Online school is school on the computer, there are many many many sites for school like connections academy, and study ladder. Co-ops are when you go to school 2 days a week at a school with other homeschooled students and go home for the rest of the week and do the work they gave you. Lastly there are book studies like Math, Reading, Writing , Language arts, Science, English, AND Health,

Homeschooling is super fun. I mean, I asked for 2 years I really think my mom gave in. when she started her own business. I was not forced AT ALL. I love Homeschool because I can work at my own pace and I cant miss a day of school.

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