Cast Of Hidden Figures Isn't Here For Pastor Kim Burrell's Hate Speech

Gospel royalty and Pastor, Kim Burrell had the internet buzzing over the weekend as her sermon about homosexuality turned into a hate speech bashing the homosexual community. In the 2:20 viral clip Burrell referred to members of the gay community as perverted and suggested that they will perish in 2017.

Well this didn't sit well with anyone given the fact that Ms. Burrell is featured on Frank Ocean's(an open homosexual) project Blond on the song GodSpeed and is due to perform a duet with Pharrell Williams, I See Victory, a song from The Hidden Figures Soundtrack on The Ellen Show.

While Ellen or Frank has not made a statement about the comments, members of The Hidden Cast has! Janelle Monae and Octavia Spencer took to Instagram to post there thoughts on the subject letting us know that they are not here for hate against anyone!

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