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Houston's Excellence: President of Diversified Perfection Tashara Callaway

“I said if God helps me make it through rehab and I can learn to walk and talk again, than I will do what I am passionate about which is giving back.”

President of Diversified Perfection, Tashara Callaway

Recovering stroke patient, Tashara “Juicy “Callaway almost lost everything when she got sick. Her insurance company refused to pay her medical bills because she was only working part time. It was this situation that made Callaway realize she should pursue her passion of giving back, so she made God a promise.

“I said if God helps me make it through rehab and I can learn to walk and talk again, than I will do what I am passionate about which is giving back.”

Kentucky native Tashara “Juicy” Callaway relocated to Houston 3 years ago after being offered a job to help Houston by then Mayor Annise Parker. During July of Parker’s last term, Callaway fell ill and had to be hospitalized,

“ I had some complications in July of her last term, I was in the hospital for 3 months and had to do more rehab, that’s how we ended because her term was up.”

Diversified Perfection was birth in December 2015; after Callaway became heavily involved in the Houston social scenes. She admired the way they were giving back to the community.

“I got involved in the social club environment, and they were giving back and doing things I thought were great.”

Diversified Perfection is made up of 6 ladies, all from different walks of life who all have one goal, aiding the homeless population and children with special needs.

“ Our organization strives to understand the need of undeserved populations including homelessness, low income families and children with special needs in an effort to equip them with necessary items for survival and maintaining.

Every year Diversified Perfection partners with different schools in efforts to assist a special needs or under privileged child who cannot afford prom. Last year the recipient was limited to just Worthing High School. However, due to popular demand, Diversified Perfection will be awarding a prince and princess from 6 different schools around the HISD/ Aldine area.

“It started by us awarding 1 lucky winner with the prom of her dreams, but we received so many stories.”

The non-profit also gives back to the Houston’s homeless population.

“ We feed the homeless every 2nd of the month. We provide a warm meal, sack lunches and hygiene items and personal products such as: toothbrushes, tooth paste,deodorant , lotion, water and condoms.”

Throughout the month, Diversified Perfection executes random acts of kindness for the homeless and Saturday night was no exception. In Texas so the weather is slightly bipolar. It will be 90 degrees one minute then you will be freezing the next. This past Saturday, no one expected the temperature to really drop into the low 40’s. Tashara and the Diversified Perfection crew hopped in their cars and started passing out blankets.

“On Saturday when the temperature dropped, we loaded up and started passing out blankets and stuff to people we saw under the freeway.”

Hard work never goes unnoticed, this past Sunday Diversified Perfection received an award for the most community service hours.

“It was important to me be because it went along with our mission.”

For more info on how you can get involved with Diversified Perfection contact them at Diversified

P.O. Box 2772

Humble Texas 77347


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