Blade Writes His First Novel, "Talon Of God"

Wesley Snipes is set to release his first novel with co-author Ray Norman "Talon Of God," in July. According to The Deadline Reports,The publishing house announced that its imprint, Harper Voyager, will put out the spiritual thriller.

The story follows protagonist, Laura Jefferson, a doctor who enters a spiritual battle between the two worlds of heaven and hell and Talon Hunt, a spiritual warrior.

“There are spiritual warriors that inhabit this planet who are here to help balance out the evil forces, and they are always looking for the next apprentice. And when they find the next apprentice to train — the next heir apparent — then they can move on to the higher realms,” Snipes explained to Deadline. The reluctant Lauren is chosen.

“The lead character Lauren is a very spiritual person,” Snipes said. “A spiritual woman, and her father is a minister who is put to the challenge. Lauren has been chosen to be a Holy Warrior here on Earth. She’s a doctor; her father is a Baptist minister.”

If you think this novel sounds like it should also be a film, you are correct! Snipes said he and Norman developed the book with the intention of an eventual screen adaptation. , Snipes said the book aslo includes “an urban element, a hip-hop element, supernatural elements.”

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