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Cam Newton Disapproves of Turtle Necks & Ties

Quarter Back for the Carolina Panthers was briefly benched during the opening series games against the Seattle Seahawks. According to, head coach Ron Rivera decided to have Cam sit out due to dress code violation. Later Newton confirmed the exact violation was because he was not wearing a tie on the team flight from San Jose, California, to Seattle on Saturday. He also said that even though he was offered other ties to wear, none of them went with his turtleneck,"I can't wear a tie with this.'

Cam Newton has made some questionable fashion choices over the years , however it's Fashion Sense 101 not to mix turtle necks with ties. At the end of the day the NFL is the business that signs Cam's million dollars checks so he needs to stop with his " I can do what i want because I am Cam Newton" attitude and just abide by the rules.

Even though the Panthers were defeated by an embarrassing 40-7,

Cam showed up and showed out when he was allowed back on the field for the second series. He threw the ball to wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr resulting in a touchdown. Check out the highlights below,

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