Dreams Bigger Than Texas -- Rahkal Shelton Interview

Rahkal C. D. Shelton is an author, and media specialist striving for greatness . A graduate of Texas Southern University and a Governors State University. now employed at CNN she stopped through to talk about her journey through her most recent book.

When I 1st got the press kit to do this interview, I first read the name of the book and was trying to figure out the angle that would make since for our audience. I was almost for sure thinking this was a diss to the state of Texas.

Before the interview started we talked off the record on what I could compare here story t0o. She confidentially told me The Wood, Crooklyn, The Coldest Winter Ever, Love and Basketball, HBCUs, The Best Man or Being Mary Jane. Big shoes to fill right? After hearing her story, I totally agree. Check out my exclusive sit-down with her and hear her amazing story.

She also has a humorous side as well as bars! Candy Bars!!! She dropped a freestyle for the latest craze "So Gone Challenge"

Make sure you go and get this book. I think it has the power to inspire many.

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