5 Steps to Channel your Style

1. Write the vision.

Write down the styles that you feel you are drawn too. (Ex: Classic, Chic, Whimsical, Bohemian, Avant-Garde, etc.)

2. Define the vision.

Take a look through fashion magazines or Pinterest and identify visually the looks that you like and compare the pics you found to the style descriptions you wrote down.

3. Paste or Post Pics.

Create a poster board or Pinterest board filled with pics that define the looks that express your personality and compliment your individual body type.

4. Scan your closet.

Before you run to the store to buy all new clothes...take a look at the pics you pasted or posted and see what you have in your closet that is similar. This effort not only saves you money, but gives the look you desire.

5. Spark the conversation.

Accessories are always a fun way to stamp or seal your ensemble, I call these type of special accessories a "conversation piece." (Ex: glasses, jewelry, shoes, brochette, etc.)

Such looks cause people tp stop and notice your style.

Remember, the key to finding your style is identifying what you like and owning it!!!

So...which one are you?

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