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Former Harlem Drug Dealer Graduates From Columbia University

At 67, David Norman, walked out of prison in 2000 a changed man, and now walks with other graduates, 40 years his junior, into a promising future carrying a degree in philosophy.

The journey David took was definitely a hard one after doing two prison sentences and a plethora of arrest the former Harlem drug dealer was draped in a cap and gown last week to become a graduate of the prestigious Columbia University in New York. During his incarcerated 19 years ago, he realized he needed to pursue “some new behaviors.”

Norman now works in community health as a research assistant at Columbia University, and plans to write about book about how he turned his life around. It's never too late to get an education nor realizing that your life needs to change. We will continue to pray for David Norman to continue with his success.

READ his full story, with video, from N.Y. Daily News

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