DJ Wiz Throwback Thursday Video

The Grammy Award-winning American contemporary gospel duo, Mary Mary, consisting of sisters Erica Atkins-Campbell and Trecina Atkins-Campbell.

Check out this throwback video "I Sing" feat. B.B. Jay from the year 2000 street release of the cd Thankful. Thankful unites the dancing soul and the grateful heart. The blending of Erica and Tina's perfectly strung voices, and the finely crafted hip-hop/gospel flavor brings generations to new levels. Celebration vibes in such songs as "Shackles (Praise You)" and "I Sings" stir images of packed-out dance floors bumping to the groove and lost in a swirl of colored lights. In contrast, a reflective side dives deep into the intimacies of following Jesus.

Enjoy! #GodBlessTheBeatz

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