Are the NBA Champs in Trouble.

With the Golden Warriors with their backs up against the wall, many NBA fans may think it's a little too late for them to reach the finals. Down 3-1 to the Oklahoma City Thunder, the champs were the heavy favorites to win the series. The style of play of the Warriors and the depth of their bench, there is no way why they should be down in the Western Conference Finals. They rank in the top 10 in shooting in the NBA and on top of that, the Warriors have in most people opinion the best backcourt in the league. Give the Thunder credit, they were able to still a game in Golden State building and win two games at home as well. It is still determine if Stephen Curry will play like the MVP of the NBA and lead his team to victory. The Warriors have struggle with the length and the tough defense of the Thunder. Not to mention the warriors are having a hard time putting the ball in the basket. Game 5 will be a site to see and with a lot of questions still in mind. Will the Champs be able to rebound and win and force a game 6 back in OKC? Or will Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and company close out the champs and move on to the NBA finals. We will see happens as the Western Finals continue tonight.

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