AJ McQueen: Boycott [NEW MUSIC]

AJ McQueen returns to his hip hop roots with his new single The Boycott from his upcoming EP, "New Status Quo" scheduled to be released Fall 2016 under his imprint Writer’s Block Sound.

McQueen was quoted saying, “The world needs change and society needs to be challenged to re-evaluate and reconsider our norms, values, and what we consider to be true. More specifically, America needs an awakening and I believe that The Boycott will do just that”, In The Boycott McQueen speaks on certain social issues and seems to challenge listeners to take a stand for what is right.

"If we want change and respect in this society then we have to boycott it," so says AJ McQueen. “The Boycott” is currently available for live stream on SoundCloud and will soon be available on all music digital platforms including iTunes, Tidal, and Spotify,

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