Man Takes Unusual Approach To Car Being Towed

In life we are all faced with challenges and situations that test our ability to keep calm and stay positive. Getting your car towed, for example, is a very common situation where people are faced with this difficult task. For most, this situation is something that results in anything but a positive attitude, but this is not the case for Fionn Mulholland.

In Perth, Australia, Mulholland's car was towed and along with his parking fee his fine came to an estimated $600! As opposed to cursing and complaining when he arrived to retrieve his car, Mulholland's response was one like no other. Instead of feeling sorry for himself, he decided to have compassion on the employees of the towing company and recite them a poem. It doesn't stop there! Not only did he recite a poem to take away from all the "slack" they normally receive, but he also brought along an interpretive dancer to illustrate his words.

“Instead of getting pissy about it, I made a video like you wouldn’t expect,” he told GoodNewsNetwork.

It's not too often that those in the towing industry are shown appreciation for what they do. This is an awesome reminder that there will be times when we're faced with unexpected and unwanted circumstances, but the power of a positive attitude can take you farther than imagined!

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