DJ Wiz Throwback Thursday Video

Gospel Gangstaz - I Can See Clearly Now

The Gospel Gangstaz have been one of the founding fathers of the Christian Hip Hop Movement. The group is known for their unique combination of musical talent and Christian lifestyle, as evidenced in their songs. In 1994, the group released their debut album, Gang Affiliated. In winter of 1996, the group's follow up, Do or Die was released. But their third album I Can See Clearly Now released in 1999 was their debut CD on B-Rite, a major label. The album received a Grammy nomination in the Best Rock Gospel Album category. Other releases from the group include All Mixed UP 2000, The Exodus 2002, The Flood 2006 and Street Disciples 2011.

Check out their testimony at:

Enjoy! #GodBlessTheBeatz

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