DJ Wiz Throwback Thursday Video

The Cross Movement - Know Me (Huh, What?)

This video right here, will take you back.

The Cross Movement has three separate and distinct eponymous components which comprise its ministry. The first component is the Christian hip hop group known as The Cross Movement (CM) which were composed of four several rappers: The Ambassador (William Branch), The Tonic (John Wells), Phanatik (Brady Goodwin), and T.R.U.-L.I.F.E (Virgil Byrd), Cruz Cordero, Enock (Jaun James)R.I.P, Earthquake (Cleve Foat). The CM also frequently collaborates with the Christian disc jockey, DJ Official (Nelson Chu). The CM’s niche has been to translate biblical and Christian theologyinto rap music by using the same hyper-aggressive lyrics, sampled orchestral riffs, alliteration, and virtuoso delivery of many underground rappers without the self-aggrandizing and violent lyrics, or the materialistic imagery stereotypically associated with many rappers. The second component to the Cross Movement is the record label, Cross Movement Records (CMR), which is responsible for producing and marketing the albums of the CM, its individual members' solo albums, and other Christian hip hop artists such as Da' T.R.U.T.H. and FLAME. The third aspect of the Cross Movement is the incorporated, non-profit group called Cross Movement Ministries (CMM), which aims to use creative ways to spread the Christian gospel message within hip hop culture.

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Enjoy! #GodBlessTheBeatz

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