New Music: #PraiseReport or #PrayerRequest

Kicking off April with my first #PraiseReport or #PrayerRequest challenge. So I'm always receiving music from artist looking to see whether or not there music is good enough to get spins and so I wanted to talk it to the people and let you decide.

So if it's good we'll put in on the #PraiseReport which means it will have the opportunity to be in the next mix or if it needs to go on the #PrayerList which means they may need to go back in to the lab or spend some more quiet time with God to get it right.

First up @iiCrunk4Jesus (instagram) has a new single title "Dab On The Devil." Take a listen and hit me up on our post of his artwork on IG @TheBlessedBeatz and let us know #PraiseReport or #PrayerRequest. You be the judge.

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