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Akon Seeks To Light Africa

Imagine living in a society where nighttime economic activities are practically non-existent. Today, this is the reality for 600 million Africans who are not as fortunate to experience the luxury of having access to electricity.

Akon is a rapper, songwriter, and a businessman. He has made it a part of his life=long goal to resolve Africa's energy crisis by providing an affordable source of power, particularly in the rural areas of the continent.

Last summer, the Senegalese-American singer — in partnership with political activist Thione Niang and entrepreneur Samba Bathily — launched Akon Lighting Africa initiative’s “Solar Academy” to provide an affordable source of electricity to the 600 million Africans.

Since its launch, the institution has made a significant amount of progress by installing solar streetlights for public lighting and home service systems for household use. A number of households, villages, community houses, schools and health centers located in rural areas have been connected to electricity for the first time ever.

It doesn't stop there, “I think we’re gonna make the deadline to be in 48 countries by the year 2020,” Akon said during an interview with Huffington Post. It looks like at the rate they're going they will only continue to move up from here!

To learn more about this project visit AkonlightingAfrica

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