A Small Act Of Kindness Goes A Long Way

A photo of baristas at a coffee shop praying with a grieving woman who had recently lost her husband has gone viral.

Last week, a Dutch Bros. employee noticed a very low-spirited woman in the drive-thru while ordering from her car. After asking about her day, he learned the woman was actually grieving the loss of her husband, who she had just lost the night before. Without any further questions, the drive-thru cashier, along with several other employees immediately stopped what they were doing and reached out to grab her hand to join in for a moment of prayer over the woman and her family for their loss.

It just so happened, a customer next in line, Barbara Danner, noticed the unusual interaction between the customer and baristas and snapped a quick photo.

It wasn't long before Danner posted the touching moment to her Facebook page, which soon caught the attention of thousands.

We often get caught in the midst of our own busy lives and schedules, but this act of kindness shows just how impactful we can be to someone else just by taking a small moment of our time to reach out to someone in need.

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