#MotivationalMondays : #ExpectToWin

Good morning to you all. As we promised and have regularly scheduled #MotivationalMondays are here again and we have another week to be successful in. Here's what you should be able to take from this weeks message.

TakeAways From ET:

1) Are you ready to be a winner?

2) Mental toughness - I expect to win

3) It's unacceptable - I will not be a loser

4) Yesterday was the last day you expected to lose

5) Today you expect to win

6) Affirmation: "I'm ready to be a winner. I deserve to be a winner. I'm destined to be a winner. I'm determined to be a winner. From this day forth all I know is winning." And say it like a winner!!

Go and have a Magnificent Monday. Stay Motivated!!! #GodBlessTheBeatz

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