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#BlackHistoryMonth: Virginia McLauren

We like to promote and acknowledge "Feel Good News" here at We wil give you updated information on NEWS but only the headlines that inspire and highlight positive content. We are fully aware that good news itself is not in short supply just the broadcasting of it is. So in respect understand We don't do drama!!! We come to bring the "Good News"!

In the spirit of such, we'd like to give respect to Black History Month by honoring Virgina McLauren. Ms. McLauren, 106 years old, recently had the opportunity to visit the White House this month. As you'll see in the video she was exstatic to have a day like this, which she thought she would never live to see, come true. She nearly ran, danced and celebrated joyfully to have reach a bucket list while at the same time share it with the historical Prseident Obama and First Lady.

Know that she's had over a century of life experience to see her joy makes you smile.

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