Collision Records New Signee Ki'Shon Furrow

Seems like the internet has been raving of the new Collision Records signee Ki'Shon Furlow. This new team memebr representst Little Rock, AK through and through. He's been seen in numerous battle raps, dismembering opponents punch line by punch line and taking names. Usually this skill comes with the sterotype that battle rappers not being great songwriters, Ki’Shon certainly isn’t the one. Listen for yourself and be the judge!

Watch the music video to Ki’Shon Furlow’s first single “Golden” from his new EP, “Voices,” releasing everywhere March 4th. Make sure you go support this young artist by following him at @KiShonFurlow.

About Golden

"Golden" is song about fans that treat their favorite artists like a golden goose, only wanting and expecting hits—“substance or no substance, just gimme a banger”—and Ki’Shon, being an artist, supplying them. At the same time, it’s a song to warn fans that the way they’re looking to him for all of the hits, is not much different than the way they looked at the golden calf.

Ki’shon believes that a pleothora of music that minsters will be extremely be dope, but he wants to caution fans not to idolize him and other rappers because of it.

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