Kanye West Reveals His Worst Enemy

Aside from a new album and a new clothing collection, Kanye West is focusing on a more modest approach based on humility. The 38-year-old outspoken rap icon has admitted that his ego is a problem.

While majority of his tweets, in the past, have been rowdy focusing on how great he is and how misunderstood he has been, the rapper decided to take more of a modest approach while addressing his fans via twitter this week.

In a series of tweets, West announced that his change of mind came after claiming he took the throne of rap. Now, his stance on the matter has changed completely,

"Man, I was thinking about when I commented on the idea of 'taking the rap throne'…that statement has't been sitting well with me," he tweeted. "That's a dated mentality ... I'm not on that …every rapper is somebody's favorite. Some rappers got the club … Some got the radio… some got the conscience…some got the streets… Everybody has something they do the best."

The rapper claims he is focused on positive energy as he refers to his seventh album, The Life Of Pablo, as a gospel album. He even featured Kirk Franklin, one of the biggest names in gospel music, for his first track on the album "Ultra Light Beams."

Much has transpired over the last couple weeks leading up to his album including Kirk Franklin praying over him during his SNL performance on February 13th. With so much happening in Kanye's life we look forward to seeing that certain relationships keep him in that moment of clarity and hopefully closer to the true creator.

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