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Sunday Inspiration Joins Houston's 93.7 The Beat

Hip Hop and Rap introduce a culture to the world like no other genre has done before. Since it's conception it has grown and eveloved into "Pop Culture". In doing this the essence of Hip Hop has touched all walks and forms and has given so many outlets to so many individuals who have something to say and or express.

With this in mind Blessed Beatz wanted to prepare a specific platform for music and artists that provide an inspirational and uplifting voice to the Hip Hop Culture. Blessed Beatz intends to keep you updated on alternative options in this genre and hopefully in doing that something you hear can inspire you to change yourself, environment and world. Even though Hip Hop has morphed into one of the largest, lucrative and influential businesses there is still a foundation and Blessed Beatz intenteds to open the door and amplify the vocie that may not typically have a sounding board.

Stay tuned for more to come.

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