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17 Life Lessons For Teens

This week on on the show Iman Ghadzi tells his story.

At age 15, I chose the risky path and ventured into the world of business. It turned out to be my tipping point toward success. If you’re considering doing the same, and gives the best way to start. Mark white has his make a difference minute plus the release of the Blessed s1 sneaker. V squad has what's the latest on your timeline. Dj Wiz is rocking out with mix of the week and Marcus Sullivan has the top 10 songs of the week. Follow us on Instagram @BlessedBeatzLive and for all the latest news in Christian Content check out

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TOP 10 Songs

(2/12/23- 2/19/23)

10.Be Alright Evan Craft

9. Knock Knock - George rose

8. I Ain’t Playing -Steven Malcolm

7. Jireh (My Provider) Lecrae, Hapi & Limoblaze

6. I met Jesus in Miami - Vous Worship

5 Graves - KB

4.Not Gon Do- Andy Mineo

3. New Church - 1K Phew

2. Brighter Days- Blessing Offer" 1. Up- Tauren Wells

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