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Muy Emocionado with GAWVI

No matter what your ethnicity is, If you grew up in Texas then it's highly likely you know at least a little bit of Spanish. (The bad words don't count 😂) That is why BlessedBeatz is very excited to celebrate with CHH artist GAWVI on the upcoming release of his first Spanish album! The “Qué Pasó” artist will be dropping Noche Juvenil (Youth Night) this Friday and is flooding social media with posts about his excitement.

"I'm just really really really happy," said Gawvi. What about releasing a Spanish project has the Dove Award Winning songwriter filled with joy? According to his posts, it's the fullness of being able to put our an album in his native language.

GAWVI continued, "God is so good yo. I grew up in Hispanic church. My first language is Spanish. Shoooot... I was in ESOL! Come on somebody!"

With that much enthusiasm and glorifying of the Father, you can't help but celebrate with the Miami artist who has produced chart-topping singles for Lecrae, Andy Mineo, and Trip Lee, before launching his own career at Reach Records with "We Belong."

You can stream Qué Pasó, the first single off the upcoming album, now on all platforms in preparation for 3/26 when the full album releases. Congrats GAWVI! ¡Vamos!

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