New Orleans Christian Rapper Uses Most Unlikely Metaphor In Song

At first glance, your initial reaction may be one of "What The .......!!!" Then, you hear the lyrics and it's a clear message of pointing the unsaved to Christ. The hook reads "I gotta keep movin, I can't stop now. I got some fire in my bones, God done blessed this child. He cut me down the middle, dump me out, then filled me up, licked and sealed me with the spirit, now watch I rise when he puffs."

BB: Gifted what message are you trying to send out with lyrics of such?

Gifted: Showing the process of salvation. Where God takes us, empties out everything that is unlike him then fills us with his spirit. From there, we get set on fire and we can then achieve his will for our lives.

BB: Do you think people will judge this analogy and immediately take it the wrong way?

Gifted: Absolutely! people will always critique and pass opinions. If you are afraid to critique you should keep your art to yourself.

BB: Lastly, Where did this metaphor come up? Was it during a "Smoke session" lol... I just had to ask?

Gifted: No sir! Smoking was my greatest struggle. I read the scripture that God takes the foolish things of the world and confounds the wise.

BB: Where can the critiques reach you!!!

Gifted: @TheRealGifted on all platforms.

Check out the video here

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