Glory Is Coming! His Glory Alone 9-25!

This may very well be the most anticipated CHH album in recent years. KB just released what we can call the promotional teaser for the new album that is set to come out on 9/25/20. No words... No music but it says so much.

Youutuber Selah Soul summed it up perfectly with this comment.

Awkwardly staring at KB for 20 seconds ... lol excited for this album!!! Me and my bruh always saying KB is the ONLY RAPPER (by God's grace) who has the TOTAL PACKAGE! A lot of CHH rappers try too hard to have bars, punch lines, and metaphors that they get away from the Gospel. Then you have those who you getting a scripture every bar! Lol then you have those who claim chh but 90% of their album be about girls and miscellaneous stuff. As a married man, I can't even bump a lot of their content cuz they going through stuff I don't gotta deal with lol I can't relate. But then there's KB a man of God who does well balancing all aspects of hip hop but you gon get Jesus throughout all of it. I'm on edge for this album bruh !!!

He also low key released another song. This one has a message for the "Lil Boy"

How could he not be your favorite rapper!



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