God's Women Rock 2019

I didn't know what to expect personally. We are in the age of hyper feminism, sensitivity, confusion and a whole new level of self-serving (in self love clothing). Dr. Sonya Sloan of The Luke Church in Humble TX was such a breathe of fresh air! She brought femininity to the forefront and an environment that lifted the ladies' spirits. Koryn Hawthorne had the proud hyped up and ready the meeting. Dr. Sloan is making a stand against human trafficking and some great stories and testimonies were shared. Then Ivy McGregor came on the stage and set it on fire!!! She shared her testimony in spite of the fact her father had passed away recently. God used her to lift the atmosphere to such a fever pitch that an alter call was needed. Coming from a man's point of view it was a wonderful event to see my sisters get fed and reenergized!!

Please Join the petition for Texas superintendents to get training for anti-human trafficking training. link is below


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