You Do Qualify for an Upgrade

So often we feel less than or unworthy. We start accepting anything just to be accepted. This applies to all aspects of life. We are all searching for this bliss in a bottle. As if we can just go grab one off the shelf, twist the cap off, and take a big gulp of happiness that will last a lifetime. Well, it doesn't work like that. It takes time. We have to consistently be positive so that the universe will send that positivity back to us. We have to also be conscious of growth and challenges. We have to understand that it is okay to out grow people and things in life. We have to accept challenges in order to get to the next level. We also have to understand that we may have to go to the next level alone. What I mean by that is, your journey is not the next persons journey and vice versa. Recognize when it's time to

upgrade. You definitely qualify!

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