This video is said to be a year old, but after an encounter with an alleged white supremacist flicking Bun B off.... the rapper let him know he wasn't having it.

With racism rearing it's ugly head even more since Trump entered the White House...racists are seemingly coming out of the woodworks...and Blacks And Browns are fighting back,

Gone are the days of MLK and silent protest. Some Black Millennials are letting their voices me heard through the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

But how do we approriately fight this unresolved issue in America?

According to Bun B, "We're not gonna win by being just as ugly as they are — that's not ever how this has worked," Bun B continued. "We've got to be just as firm in our conviction for our love as they are for their hate. That's where the difference comes in. They're willing to die for their hate, we have to be willing to die for our love and for the future of this world. It's the conviction in these moments that makes the difference in the fight."

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