SelfLove and Faith?

What does it take to love yourself? It is hard enough for us regular folk to deal with our day to day stresses than to deal with day to day stresses in the public eye but that is still never an excuse. Recently there were two incidents in the media that are a direct reflection of lack of love and faith.

Lead singer of legendary group Linken Park Chester Bennington chose to end his life. His body was found Thursday morning . Most people would say to themselves how could someone in the limelight and rich be so down to think the only solution to the problem is to no longer be on this earth in the physical from; they are right. Suicide is never the answer, I repeat suicide is never the answer. Taking your life is the ultimate sin and most selfish act to yourself. How could you think you would not hurt the people who love you in the process? The amount of depression and sadness that hovers over the loved ones involved once discovering you took your life is severely detrimental. This destroys people. Especially for him leaving 6 children behind. I am not saying depression is not real and maybe people aren't strong enough to survive, then if that is the case where do you go what do you do?

The next incident I feel is being broadcasted of course to destroy another black man but that's neither here nor there. Whether singer Usher had the herpes virus or not, what is stopping a young woman from protecting her own self during compromising situations. With more women coming out to claim they have been with him and contracted the std makes the story more sketchy and also only gives insight to a world that wants to see the black man destroyed anyway. It was recently brought to my attention that there should have been a NDA provided. If this was so-to-speak hush money, that could possibly make the story false, unless the hush money was provided to prevent criminal charges. Moral of my story is the girl involved supposedly was exposed to a warning before going all in with him anyway, allegedly. At what point does your body, your mind, your self worth, your existence, your overall being of life become a priority, Usher or not. Self is first. Faith is first. God is first.

What works for me is finding out what makes me happy and using that to my advantage.

My daughter, my friends and my family are the people I surround myself with to stay grounded. They remind me of how blessed I truly am even if my mind wants to tell me otherwise somedays. Being surrounded by genuine love brings love and helps other forces that allow you to make different decisions stay away. Happiness and love is a choice but it starts with you from within. When you are truly able to let go and know you are not controlling this ship of life, certain things can be put into perspective. That is called faith.


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