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Christian twitter goes off after Lecrae accepts award

Let's just be real. Unless Lecrae actually swears on a song he will always be considered a Christian Hip hop artist no matter how many interviews or podiums gets in front of and labels himself as "just a rapper". The gospel community will not let him go. He is now is a space where the secular world says he is too preachy for them all the while the church community says he isn't enough.

Bottom line.... that's a tough place to be in. But let's just face it. Lecrae, Reach Records and 116 is the mole for Christian Hip hop.

Whelp, Christian twitter came for Lacrae after he accepted his BET award.

To be clear, the first thing he said in his speech was that he thanked "his lord and savior". He also thanked other artist while other like Lauryn Hill, Kendrick and Chance the Rapper. Pretty basic right? Well Christian twitter went off after CHance the Raooer got on stage and thanked Jesus

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