Woman Falls 6ft Down While Texting and Walking

This seems to be a scene from a Warner Bros. cartoon considering a NJ women flips over an access window falling 6ft down in front of Acme Windows. I don't think the road runner could have planned it more perfectly for the coyote. Although the coyote would not have been texting.

This is no different from texting and driving. People walk around all day with tunnel vision, faces planted into their phones running into people, walls, other cars and whatever else that is not the width and length of a phone screen.

This should be a reminder to all to be aware of your surroundings and pay attention. We have allowed technology to remove us from reality. Your phone has now become and extensions of your body like and appendage of some kind. You could severely hurt yourself or someone else due to this issue. Don't text and drive has become a movement so to speak because of all the accidents related to this issue, didn't know the world needed to be told don't text and walk.

Fortunately this women did survive the fall but she is listed in serious condition.

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