Billboard Music Award Winner Drake Breaks Records

May 21st, Sunday evening the Billboard Music Awards 2017 aired and the top winner for the night breaking Adele's record was non other than Drake. He was nominated for 22 awards winning 13.

He had several speeches shouting out the people he loves, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, his father and acknowledging the hosts Vanessa Hudgens and squashing any possible beef with rapper Ludacris. Drake reminded people to always just show love while we are still here on earth and able to do so.

The most epic part of the night was a never been done before performance in front of Vegas's infamous Bellagio hotel fountains. There is tons of video on the web but nothing compares to the video of the people that were filming outside. The fire effects and water along with the sound of it all was just incredible. To actually have been there would have been phenomenal. To sum it all up it's just plain ole cool.

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