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The 10 most misspelled words in the U.S.

How would you do with these words

1) Coolly (common misspelling: Cooly)

2) Minuscule (common misspelling: Miniscule)

3) Sergeant (common misspelling: Sargent)

4) Liaison (common misspelling: Liason)

5) Protester (common misspelling: Protestor)

6) Supersede (common misspelling: Supercede)

7) Drunkenness (common misspelling: Drunkeness)

8) Millennium (common misspellings: Millenium, Milennium)

9) Dumbbell (common misspellings: Dumbell)

10) Bellwether (common misspellings: Bellweather)


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