Kirk Franklin Speaks Out About Phone Call

Kirk Franklin speaks out for the first time since his public apology after his estranged son leaked the argument between the duo and made headlines last week.

Franklin can be seen on Wednesday's episode of "Tamron Hall," sharing more details about his family's relationship with Kerrion, whom he physically threatened during a recent NSFW phone call that has been trending on social media.

The response towards Franklin has been mixed with some offering sympathy and others criticism. True to the standard play by celebrities, the Grammy award-winning artist who has had a 28 year professional career since the debut album of Kirk Franklin & The Family in 1993 apologized for his behavior and words soon after the audio surfaced for the world to hear.

But, why is the public apology a standard practice for private matters?

In the audio that begins midway through the conversation, Franklin is heard saying, "Okay, if you think I’m (Inaudible) let me say it like this: When yo’ b**** ass starts (inaudible) disrespectful, you need to get yo’ skinny mother f***ing ass back out the god damn way. Before I put my foot in yo ass--"

SHOCKER: Kirk Franklin is a human, with real life issues that everyone else faces who cusses and happens to be a successful Christian.

Obviously, the tension in this family dynamic is not new. The truth is that this conversation should never have been made public to begin with. However, the leaked audio gives space for true dialogue about the expectations placed on celebrities and the idolatry that many fallen into in how they relate to those celebrities.

When Kirk Franklin apologizes to the public, it is as if he did something to everyone else. But he didn't. When he apologizes for losing his temper during a heated and provoking conversation with his adult son, it's as if he is expected to be perfect. But he isn't. It's as if his every move, even private ones, have to be answered to the general masses. But that's not how it's supposed to work!

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. In this case, let he who has never lost his temper give the first criticism. We may not all have been in a situation exactly like Franklin's, but we all have lost control at some point with someone. Why would Franklin be any different?

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When things like this become a public matter, the response should never be criticism. EVER! If you are offended by what is heard and you are a person of faith, you should be praying for his situation and all involved. If you are saddened or disturbed by what is heard and you are a person of faith, you should be praying for the situation and everyone who is involved.

If you serve the same God who turned Simon into Peter and Saul into Paul, does Kirk Franklin not deserve the same grace shown to them? Imagine a world where mistakes are met with unconditional love and support. How much momentum would the kingdom of God have on earth? How many changed hearts could be captured by the reckless love of God?

I pray that the relationship between Kirk Franklin and Kerrion be reconciled, giving God the glory of what he can do. Until then, I pray that this situation causes people to look more at themselves for analyzation of their own hearts, and less at the celebrity that happened to be put on blast.



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