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Fans donate $8k in 24 hrs for CHH artist Nobigdyl

Fans respond to call for help and raise funds for stolen equipment.

CHH artist Nobigdyl, born Dylan Phillips, recently revealed on social media that he and his colleague Cinemaddox were robbed while in Atlanta, Ga. and asked fans to help them replace the stolen equipment by donating to a gofundme page.

“me + @cinemaddox got robbed in atlanta yesterday,” the post said. “lost thousands of dollars in cameras equipment + videos. there’s a gofundme in bio if you’d like to help. appreciate all of y’all’s support. we gone bounce back”

In the accompanying video, Dyllie cuts “straight to the chase” by saying “we need your help.” He explains that Cinemaddox is a key figure in the industry who is currently working on a lot of projects that would be hindered if the thousoands of dollars of stolen equipment isn’t replaced soon.

For those that were not financially able to donate, Nobigdyl let them know that prayer is still the currency of the kingdom and would be appreciated.

Within 24 hours, the goal of $6,000 was exceeded and the artist received more than $8,000 from supporters.

In a follow-up post, Dyllie said, “man. after we got robbed we asked yall for 6k. y’all gave 8k in 24 hours. read that again.”

Fans not only came to the aid of the artist but continued donating and sharing the need with others. “What can i say to show my appreciation,” said Nobigdyl. “Thank you. just know me + @cinemaddox are gonna go twice as hard now. we don’t say fans anymore. only the tribe. thank you”

Of the amazing response from fans, Cinemaddox said, “For sure about to make a whole video about this soon, thank you Tribe for reaching out and showing so much love and support. I’m way too blessed and excited for everything on the horizon.”

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