Honey Nut Cheerios to Remove "Buzz The Bee" to send message to customers

Hold his image closely in your mind, because you're not going to be seeing him for a little while.

Buzz the Bee is now missing from boxes of General Mills Honey Nut Cheerios following the food manufacturer's campaign to raise awareness of the decimating bee population.

According to Time, a 2015 White House report found that the role of bees in sustaining agricultural production is valued at billions of dollars annually in the United States; however, half of the entire bee species is dramatically declining. An alarming one quarter of bee species face extinction.

In a recent article on the effect of declining bee populations on food crops, South Carolina bee keeper Tim Dover told Fox News that the cause for the decline includes mites, pesticides, and other environmental factors.

In effort to draw consumers' attention to what the decline of honey bees could mean for food production, the economy, and perhaps one of the main ingredients in its signature brands of Cheerios — honey — General Mills has made a major change to boxes:

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