Is Christ in Hip-Hop? Insane Hip-Hop Cypher {Video}

It takes a lot of heart, courage and skill to spout a message of life to a culture largely drowning in death. But that’s what these Christian rappers are doing in their music. Clear about their platform, these emcees have drawn the proverbial line in the sand, declared “Team Jesus” and aligned their verbs and nouns with the heart of God. We wanted to do something BIG, something familiar but DIFFERENT. How about a room filled with the areas biggest names drop a beat and let God in.

As a Christian who loves Hip Hop, I’ll admit that I wasn't always a fan of “Christian Rap.” In theory, Christian rappers should've been appealing, but most just weren't. The genre, quite honestly, always seemed corny. Not until the past few years where artist began to rap about real world things that real people can relate too. Not to mention the beat became bangers.

To end an amazing year of the launch of Blessed Beatz we took a lot of the artist that were interviewed on the show ( See our youtube page) and let them show their skills. Check out the 1st Blessed Beatz Cypher here. Make sure to subscribe to the YouTube page as well.

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