Kendrick Lamar Inspires 6 Compton Teens

So with all the buzz about Kendrick Lamar and his Grammy emotional performance "Alright" we wanted to shine light on another angle of the night. With much celebration we give Mr. Lamar for his bring home 7 of his 11 nominations, we want to praise him for taking the time to deliver a impactful meassge to children. Kendrick took the time to reach back to his old Compton school Centennial High and had 6 teens escorted to the Grammys via limo destined for personal time with the hometown hero and access to the Grammys stage (a Reebok-sponsored video released today us insight).


Kendrick has always been candid about his roots in Compton through his music: from subjects of peer-pressur into a life of crime to the effects of police brutality on black youth.

“It reminds me of where I came from,” Kendrick remarked in the video. ”I can see they’re full of energy just like how I used to be. Full of motivation to do something with themselves. So hopefully ten years from now, they’ll be even further than where I’m at.’

“It’s a beautiful thing.”

We look to keep you inspired here at where you'll get #GoodNews.


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