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The Gathering!

The Gathering Church


The Gathering Church is a body of believers made up of imperfect people that enjoy serving a perfect God. We don’t just say we want to me you where you are- we actually do it! We understand that it isn’t our job to judge, criticize, or condemn, but to show the love of God to all regardless of their situation.

In doing so, we’ve committed ourselves to a new and innovative way to meet you where you are with our Gathering Church pop-up Ministry. We currently have two locations where we’re demonstrating our out of the box ministry: Midtown & Galleria. Don’t look for the steeple and cross because we’re actually in a bar!! We encourage you to drop in and check us out for yourself. We dare not spoil you and tell you what’s going on!! We look forward to seeing you this week. God is up to something BIG and we want you to be apart.

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